The Beginning.

My Mom passed away last year. She had blood and bone cancer. Anyone who had met her will say she had a very positive outlook on life. When she reached the deterioration point of not being able to walk, I told her how tough she was because I didn’t think I could handle not being able to get around. Her response was “No! This gives me a chance to read all the books I haven’t finished yet!” I had to shake my head and be amazed at her for finding something positive in the not-so-ideal circumstances. Only she could do that.

I bring up my Mom because she gave me a book long ago. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was my birthday or Christmas or just because. It was a book about a young guy walking across America. The book was titled “A Walk Across America” by Peter Jenkins. I enjoyed the book, but the thought of walking that far would take way too long. No, walking was not an option for me. The thought of riding a bike that distance crossed my mind as a possibility, but that crazy idea disappeared long ago.

Last year, my daughter Trina and I explored the country in our mini motorhome ( and for some reason, I thought I had scratched that cross-country itch into submission. Well, maybe I did… because that journey was more East and West while this one will be more North and South. Any which way, the thought of riding a bike for a long distance has been hiding in the recesses of my mind for a long time… thanks to my Mom.


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