A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the topics I’ve heard from cyclists is how important it is to stay dry and warm while sleeping at night. Having camped many, many times throughout my life, I realize that the damp, cold, hard ground is not your friend. If you do not get a good night’s sleep, cycling performance will definitely be sacrificed the next day. I’ve heard about laying a tarp down first to limit moisture, using a thermal mat for insulation and a self-inflating mat for cushioning, but something told me there has to be a more comfortable option.

I started doing some research on lightweight cots and found a good deal on Amazon for a Petrous low level cot that assembles and breaks down quickly. The only downside was its weight of 5 lbs. I did find another one that weighs only 3 lbs. but at twice the price, I decided that carrying 2 lbs. more won’t kill me. I’ll just have to cut back on weight somewhere else, like carting a 32″ flat screen rather than a 65″!

So when I’m rolling through Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon and northern California, I think this little treasure will keep me dry and comfortable. I will be carrying a small tent as well, so other than flash floods, how bad can it be?


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