Protein Pancakes on a Stick

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos lately. Videos on Stealth Camping, Camping in Alaska and Bicycle Camping/Cooking. One recipe caught my attention… Protein Pancakes on a Stick. It sounds a little odd, but easy to mix, easy to cook and energy effective sounded good to me. That being said, I had to try this fireside gourmet treat.

The recipe is simple. Mix protein powder, pancake mix for carbohydrates and water. I mixed the concoction until I had a doughy mess and then wrapped it around a stick. From there I held it over a fire in the firepit and let it cook slowly.

My mix was 50/50, a touch of cinnamon and very little water, but seeing how the batter wanted to drip off the stick and forced me to constantly rotate the stick, I think I’ll add more pancake mix to the batter next time.

I did learn a few of things with this experiment.

1) Looks aren’t everything.

2) A thinner layer of dough on the stick will cook more evenly.

3) Damn this tastes delicious!

As far as energy, I’ll know more tomorrow when I go for a morning bike ride… but then again, I haven’t been on any of my bikes in a few months, so I can probably use all the help I can get. With 3 months to go, I guess it’s time to start training!



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