Hospital Fat, Harmonicas and Cancer

I once heard that we should all have a little “Hospital Fat” on us… body fat that our bodies will need for fuel if we ever end up in the hospital. In my case, I think a little “Cycling Fat” will be necessary. I know the many miles ahead of me will take a toll on my body in various ways, but having the energy to keep pedaling will be most important. I eat healthy for the most part, but sometimes there is nothing better than McDonalds fries. Lately I haven’t been as concerned with what I eat, because I know I will be burning it off as the miles unfold ahead of me. This week, my diet ranged from fresh trout I recently caught to an amazing Jim’s Burgers Pastrami sandwich.

While riding, I’ll have a grab bag of energy I’ve had for half century rides, most notably, the Rosarito to Ensenada bike ride in Baja California, Mexico. That ride includes El Tigre where riders pedal 3 miles uphill in first gear. My bag of energy contains electrolyte powders, gels, squeezes, nuts and energy bars. I’m looking forward to going through this cache because the more I use, the less weight I’ll be pulling behind me.


The other night I was making noise with my guitar and it crossed my mind that I will not be able to do that for a few months because there just isn’t enough room on my trailer for a guitar. Well, physically there is, but I sure don’t want to add a guitar to the existing excess weight! That is when I decided to take up a new instrument… the harmonica. Light and easy to transport! Then it crossed my mind that while I’m pedaling, I can be practicing/playing as well, so I ordered a harmonica holder. Yeah, I’m easily entertained.


My journey begins tomorrow. I know this adventure will not be solely about long distance pedaling. This trek will be physical, mental and spiritual. This ride will give me plenty of time to over analyze everything in my life, come to some conclusions, explore new ideas, read, write, meditate and photograph the beauty around me. This period of introspection is exciting to me. I’m forcing it upon myself and putting myself in a situation where there is no way out of it – other than inward. A place where we all should go every now and then to discover who we are.

I received a text early this week from a friend who has been diagnosed with kidney cancer. I know others with prostate cancer, rare spinal cancer and health concerns such as open heart surgeries, knee and hip replacements recently done or to be done. The truth is, our bodies are breaking down as we age. We can’t prevent the inevitable. These people wish they could accompany me on this journey or be able to go on their own personal journeys – and I understand why. So in a way, this adventure is for you as well as for me. I’ll do my best to share what I experience and what I see while roaming the roads and exploring my soul. 🙂

Thank you for following me on this adventure.

9 thoughts on “Hospital Fat, Harmonicas and Cancer

  1. Hey Chris~
    That was very moving. Thank you for sharing your adventure in advance….safe travels ..are you wearing some kind of ID bracelet (on your body ~not in your wallet).
    Looking forward to all your discoveries!!


    1. Check out “RoadID” for a medical dog tag that offers comprehensive information online to first responders and care providers in the event you are incapacitated by an injury or illness and are not in a position to provide that information. Low cost and potentially a lifesaver.


  2. Wishing you safe travels and grand adventures!!! Sending 👼’s and 🙏’s.
    Looking forward to living vicariously through you……again!


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