And So the Adventure Begins

Today is the beginning of my journey into the unknown. From here, I will be sleeping in many places and in many conditions. I will be exploring the world around me – and the world within me. I’m a little anxious and a little scared right now. My life for the next few months is packed in 3 boxes that will be flying to Alaska with me later today.


Progressing on the road ahead is entirely up to me. I won’t have to worry about putting gas into my vehicle, but I will have to fuel my body appropriately to take on this endeavor. Every day will be different, offering new places, new people, new challenges and new opportunities. The funny thing about being a little scared and a little anxious, is knowing these feelings are all in my mind. I am creating these feelings by concerning myself with the unknown possibilities ahead of me. Yes, my mind is trying to put a negative spin on these possibilities, but that must stop. I have prepared as much as possible. I’ve made the choice to carry quite a bit of stuff with me. These things that take up space and weight will allow me to remedy most every challenge I could think of, as well as allow me to help others who may need my assistance – within reason of course. I won’t be carrying a floor jack or a full set of tools, but I do have a poison oak/ivy topical and a great Cajun seasoning! Lol.

So the adventure begins. Wish me well and I’ll do my damnedest to entertain you and maybe get you to look within as I am looking within. Remember, we are all mirrors of each other. Sometimes the things we see in others are things we need to face within ourselves. Until next time! 😊

14 thoughts on “And So the Adventure Begins

  1. well its time, we wish you good luck, and we will be praying for you each and every day. we will miss you. Mar & Kathy


  2. Tailwinds, Chris. Just remember, please be in touch if you would need support of any type during the next couple of weeks in South-central Alaska. I leave for Washington, DC to start my own long ride on August 5th, but any time before that would be fine. On another note, I solo cycled the Transpeninsular Road from Tijuana to Los Cabos (the airport, as I’m sure you know, is in Cabo del San Jose) in the mid 90s. It is a great ride and wild camping in the desert is amazing. I took $500 to make the trip and brought money home. I’ll comment with a few recommendations as you ride further south.


  3. Good luck Chris from the UK. Looking forward to your updates. Keep safe and have a great adventure….. Paul C


  4. You are very prepared for this journey! Remember the acronym for Fear and you will outwit, outrun and outlast it every time:
    “False Evidence Appearing Real” (unless you are face to face with a bear, then it’s “Forget Everything And Run!”, lol jk)
    As you take on this outward and inward journey remember that you have a team of supporters with you every turn of your tire and every step of your foot. You are ready, prepared and well studied for this adventure. Live it and breathe it! Enjoy and God Speed!


  5. You are the first blog I am following. I dream to have the courage and physical endurance to do this type of journey. Until I am ready, if ever, I am looking forward to living this adventure through you. Wishing you a great journey, Sue from Canada.


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