Gomer Pyle

Good morning!
For you younger readers, the name Gomer Pyle may not mean anything, but when I hear that name, I think of his infamous line, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!” in a deep southern drawl. Well… life tends to do that to us and yesterday morning was no exception. After loading everything, I put on my gloves, strapped on my helmet and and started down Maureen’s driveway. As I turned,  I heard a snap, turned my head, and saw my handy dandy single wheel trailer laying on its side. The leverage of the weight on the trailer snapped the rear axle of my bike like a twig. Not good,  but if it had to happen, I was fortunate that it happened when and where it did.


Sometimes I complain about living in over-populated Southern California, mainly when it comes to traffic, but there are benefit such as having access to anything and everything I may need. After a few calls, REI was the only option for a solution. The solution was not just replacing the axle, but changing the game. I originally opted for a single wheel trailer because they are narrow, but I was concerned about the quick release axle being able to support the weight. It seems that was a valid concern. I didn’t want to switch to panniers as the top heaviness concerns me, and I have way too much gear with me right now. I opted for a 2 wheel, covered trailer, most often used for rug rats.


The weight distribution is so much better! I compared a few brands and discovered major differences – mainly the amount of hitch flexibility to account for bike side to side movement – relieving any torque on the rear axle. Thule has the best design, which is a ball and socket similar to a truck and trailer receiver hitch design. This new addition easily carries everything I brought with me, so I won’t have to send my gold pan and extra underwear back to Southern California after all!

As timing is everything, when Maureen and I were leaving for REI (Great Customer Service!!!), we had the opportunity to see a young black bear going for a morning walk at the top of Maureen’s street. The day before, we saw a young moose walking in her neighborhood as well! Yes, this is the Great Wild and the Last Frontier!


And so today should be the true launching of my journey as I head to the Kenai River for some salmon fishing. I forgot to mention that I am traveling with an adventure partner – the calm, cool and collected Juan Alien. We’ve been hanging together since I found him in Roswell, New Mexico.


Wish us luck! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Gomer Pyle

  1. Cool travel companion. I could imagine your picture bubble of Gomer. You have a great attitude, you will do well with whatever comes your way. Cheers!


  2. Good luck to you and Juan. Glad the axle broke when it did and not in the middle of a gravel road in Canada


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