noun. Also Cadency.

The beat, rate or measure of any rhythmic movement.

Good Morning All!

In the cycling world, cadence translates as pace. Yesterday became my lesson in my cadence, in how the power of Mother Nature pretty much supersedes everything. I’m referring to the headwinds experienced while riding into a storm along the coast. Headwinds that kept me in my lower gears and kept me amazed that I could still move forward. Ironically, ‘Cadence’ is the model of my cargo trailer.


But first, let me step back…

Yesterday was a successful 2nd attempt at hitting the road, but of course, Maureen made sure that I left with a full belly. I can’t thank her enough for her time and generosity.

My bike felt good as I rode away. The new gears felt appropriate for the added weight of my cargo trailer. The trailer tracked well and the misty, sprinkling sky offered me cool, fresh air as I pedaled out of Anchorage. I had to stop once to admire the local art wall and again after passing a construction area to laugh at myself for thinking I had prepped my bike to not experience flat tires. Fortunately, I’m carrying spare tubes and a patch kit.

As I ventured along the coast, the headwinds picked up and cut my pace considerably. I made it up to Bird Creek where I was able to see where the term ‘Combat Fishing” originated. This is where fishermen can be shoulder to shoulder for salmon fishing. Silver Salmon are running in Bird Creek right now and the fishing is bountiful.

By looking at a map, you’ll see that I am going in the opposite direction of the Alaskan Highway which will go through Canada and into the lower 48 states. Rather than just pedaling for miles to say I did, I want this trip to be an experience of people, places, culture and history, so part of my journey will be on another highway – The Alaskan Marine Highway. This is a ferry system that takes you along the coast to native villages and coastal towns that can only be accessed by sea or air. Having made reservations already, I have to be in Whittier, Alaska by July 30th, which is 5 days away. The headwinds have definitely changed the game for me, so today will determine how far south I can go before heading north again to reach Whittier in time.

And so it is time to pack up and hit the road. I may not have internet access for a few days, so wish me and my sore quads luck! Have a Great Day and thanks again for following me!


8 thoughts on “Cadence

  1. Chris! Sounds like a great start, can’t wait to hear your impressions on Whittier, we were there several years ago for a couple days to go halibut fishing, which was a wonderful experience. We loved the bartender at the only bar/motel/restaurant. You’ll never forget this experience! Safe travels ☀️


  2. Flats can be a headache up here as the shoulders of our roads seem to accumulate a lot of stuff. Goes with the territory, in any event.


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