Adventure, Journey, Opportunity, Amazing and Congressional Candidates

Considering we are all our own worst critics, I find myself using these words often – and for good reason. Each day of this Adventure is a Journey into the unknown, filled with Opportunities and Amazement.

Today I had the opportunity to experience The Ketchikan Blueberry Arts Festival. Ironically, most of it took place right outside of the hostel I’m staying in. What I find most impressive is the sense of community that exists in this little Alaskan island fishing village town. Maybe you’ve done it, but this was my first time experiencing an up close view of the weigh ins and heated competition between local slugs in the annual slug races.


After the slug races, laughter rang out as a table full of young ladies exhibited their Alaskan drive as their faced dived into blueberry pies.


When the girls finished their blueberry pie massacre, local kids sang and danced for the audience. Their talent was highlighted by the beautiful weather and fresh air.


As luck would have it, I overheard the lady behind me talking with the gentleman next to her. Apparently she is running for an Alaskan Congressional seat. After the gentleman walked away, I had to voice my opinion on the beauty I’ve been seeing and the challenges I see ahead of her. Her name is Alyse Galvin, a very approachable lady who is running for Congress because of her love for her state and concern for its future. We discussed the lack of jobs, enticement of businesses, lack of technology education for the children, tourism, keeping the state from being cemented over like California, too much growth like Texas and of course, a lack of funds for the many challenges ahead. I sure wish her the best. I think her challenges are much greater than my simple bike ride. Yeah, I should have shaved this morning. I haven’t decided if it’s a rugged Alaskan look or a mobile vagrant blend-into-the-background look. Either which way, I’m enjoying the opportunity to be where I am when I’m there. 🙂


By the way, what is it that you want to do before you die?


5 thoughts on “Adventure, Journey, Opportunity, Amazing and Congressional Candidates

  1. hi, I’m looking for cycling groups to join, right now I’m living in Mexico, can you help direct me?

    thank you, Mark


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