Hiking Biking and Walking = dropping 20 lbs…

…off at the Post Office! Yes, some of those items that I believed were important, necessary to deem myself as being prepared for this trip, weren’t so necessary. I guess that’s how life is in many ways. We spend most of our lives gathering stuff that our kids will have to get rid of someday. I am not implying that I got rid of those things that turned out to be unnecessary weight when it came time for climbing hills on my bike. No, I sent those things back to Southern California. My kids will still have to get rid of those things someday. Lol

Today was another exploratory day. I walked to the cruise ship docking area and played tourist. My goal was to go on a local area tour which can be fun and informative. I even shaved for this special occasion! 🙂 I saw something that never crossed my mind… old totem poles that are deteriorating back to nature. Another notable discovery was the Partridge Family bus. Who’da thought?

Here are a bunch of photos for your viewing pleasure, some are from yesterday…

Tomorrow I will be leaving this beautiful island, hopping on the ferry and heading south to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. I plan on spending a day or two there, preparing for one thousand miles of pedaling through British Columbia. I’ve been told it’s beautiful, so I look forward exploring this part of the world I’ve never seen. I’ve also been told that bears are not required to have a passport and can be found in Canada as well!

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