We all have Baggage

Good Morning Everyone!

The past few days have been my introduction to Canada. The only other time I’ve been in Canada was when my daughter Trina and I walked across the border at Niagra Falls last year on our cross-country adventure (www.psycho-and-cool-dad.com). To me, hitting a tourist trap filled with gift shops and restaurants doesn’t really count.

When the ferry from Ketchikan stopped in Prince Rupert, I peddled off the ferry and rode to the Pioneer Hostel. This hostel has stellar reviews from worldwide travelers and it was obvious why. It was very clean and organized. At the hostel I met other adventurers such as Eric who is kayak touring up the coast from Portland. So far he has paddled about 500 miles and has 300 more to go! His most memorable experience was when a bear walked into his camp on a beach in the middle of nowhere. His first hand experience verified that bear spray does work. He sprayed and the bear took off quickly! Good to know!

Also staying at the hostel were Lisa and Stephanie from Germany who I first met on the train from Portage, then again on the ferry to Juneau where they exited. Small world!

Another hostel guest I met was the quiet 19 year old Ian from the U.S. who wrote a play and was in town to see it performed at a local theater. The dress rehearsal was Tuesday and he invited some of the hostel guests to watch it. Definitely a fun experience!

Prince Rupert is a nice town to explore. One very nice feature is the collection of murals all over town!



Leaving Prince Rupert marked the true beginning of my peddling experience. The scenery is beautiful and the mountain inclines are challenging.



My accommodations are more than comfortable and protect me from the mosquitos that 100% Deet isn’t deterring.

As I pedal forward and my sore legs feel like they can’t push over another hill, I sometimes think about unhitching my trailer and riding forward without my baggage. But the reality is, we all have baggage and the decision is always which baggage is necessary to carry with us and which is best to let go of. Right now, this is the most valuable piece of baggage I’m carrying…

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7 thoughts on “We all have Baggage

  1. Welcome to Canada! Although I live in Quebec and have never been where you are. If 100% DEET isnt working you must have had a heck of a time setting up camp. I had a similar experience and I was eaten alive, looked like I had chicken pox. Hope your muscles recovery quickly. Cheers, Sue

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