Singing Hotel California Off Key

Funny how all of our favorite songs tie us to a memory, a moment in time that we may never let go of. As I pulled out of Terrace, British Columbia yesterday, I used my Ipod for the first time on this adventure. My main concern has been to be able to hear vehicles coming up from behind me. Yes, I have a rearview mirror, but sound is important when the road is winding.
The music, my favorite music, was a welcome relief from too many hours of thinking about how much my legs were burning as the miles rolled by. I planned on two days of riding back to Prince Rupert, but after passing the campground I had camped at on my way East, it crossed my mind that maybe, just maybe I could conquer the 90 miles to Prince Rupert in one day. Then the headwinds came, headwinds that created whitecaps on the Skeena River that flowed alongside the highway. I kept questioning which was more challenging, headwinds or hills that never seem to end. They both required my low gears. They both challenged my endurance. Whether it was all in my head or not, I had the opportunity to reduce weight by consuming the gels, electrolytes and energy bars I have for this trip. It seemed to work because I just kept pushing forward knowing that the road would turn away from the river relieving me of the onshore wind, but… that is when the hills would present themselves.
About a quarter of a mile up the first steep hill, a dragonfly started flying next to me. After a while, it turned around. I questioned whether that was a sign I should acknowledge and go back to the base of the hill where I had noticed a nice place to put up my tent. My thoughts went to “No! I’m going to crest this hill and ride down the other side!” I think it was that stubborn side of me that defies reason on occasion. Ask my ex-wife about that sometime. Lol
Any which way, I climbed that hill and a few more, making my total for the day 75 miles. I thought about doing the last 15 miles to Prince Rupert, but it would have been in the dark, I was hungry and a nice campground appeared. I spent the night at the campground and did the last 15 miles this morning – in the rain. Yeah, that sucked. Fortunately, all of my gear was kept dry in the trailer. Other than the rigs kicking up dirty water on me, my Ipod rocked on and I was able to sing Hotel California with the Eagles… a little off key.


Thank you for following me! Have a Great Day!

12 thoughts on “Singing Hotel California Off Key

  1. As I said, we don’t know how to stop or to admit defeat!! But that’s why the adventure calls us! It knows we will respond. Keep on truckin’ man!

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  2. Are you enjoying yourself as much as you imagined you would? What would you change is you had the opportunity? Love reading your posts and love the photos that accompany them. Rock on!

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  3. Living life to the fullest…..and the adventure continues…..REO…..Keep Pushing On……#I would follow YOU anywhere! (That is if I was a lot younger🍷😎)

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    1. Lol. But to spend time finding that song while cranking in first gear, I would have had to stop and start again on the incline. I would have been happy with any music to distract me! 🙂


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