A Hatchback that gets Good Gas Mileage


My plan on taking a train from Portland, OR to Oceanside, CA was immediately changed when I heard the trains were not running between Oregon and California. This was due to the raging fire that closed 45 miles of Interstate 5 which is the main artery between the two states. My plan changed to a rental car, but I still had to get to an airport near Portland to pick it up. Fortunately, a bus runs from Manzanita to Portland, so me and my gear headed toward Portland.

After cautiously riding the 6 miles from the bus stop to the airport, I loaded up my gear and realized that I left my road traveled flag with now beautifully tattered Tibetan prayer flags on the bus. I really liked that flag. I guess I’ll have to replace it for the Baja portion of this journey.

As I drove the rental car, I realized a few things. One… that I missed being on my bike as I zipped by some beautiful scenery that offered no place to park a car. Two… I won’t be able to eat as much as I was because I’m not burning it off as quickly. And, three… I sure can see the roads differently after being on my bike for so long. The road along the Oregon coast, which drops into the Redwoods along the California coast, is absolutely dangerous! Narrow lanes with no shoulders and shadows everywhere from all of the trees! I immediately thought about my cycling buddies who are headed that way. I can only warn them via texts, and pray for their safety.

My responses…

Having the rental car allowed me to enjoy the ride south a little differently. This part of the journey turned into a photo-op and fishing period as well as time to think about bike modifications needed to complete the Baja section. I know a road bike foundation would be fastest, a touring frame would be most practical, but the thought of converting my fat tire bike into a touring bike crossed my mind too! After all, it does have a steel frame! Hmmmmm.


Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. Click on them to see the full photo.

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6 thoughts on “A Hatchback that gets Good Gas Mileage

  1. Chris,
    So thankful that you are safe! When you shared your feelings about biking from Oregon to Cali, I immediately thought of the recent fires! I have a carbon fiber road bike as well as a carbon fiber mountain bike that is yours if you need it for your continued journey. So happy you are safe! Sorry you couldn’t view the scenery as if you were on a bike, but you will, when you pick up the trail in So Cal! God Speed!

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    1. Thank you so much for the offer, but carbon fiber is also light and flexible. I really have to go with steel to support the weight. When researching touring bikes, chromolly steel is the best option. As long as it’s a steel frame, I can choose any style – with weight being a consideration as well. 🙂


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