San Flipe at Last

As the sun was sinking behind the mountains to my right last evening, I continued to pedal forward knowing a hotel room wasn’t too far ahead. It was a long day, and other than a rash on my bottom from pedaling 78 miles, I was determined to move forward. Giuseppe and Yvan stopped to camp about 25 miles behind me. I started off before them yesterday, expecting them to catch up somewhere on the road, but they never did.

After checking in to a little place, I quickly headed for the shower and was welcomed by trickling water from the showerhead. Nice. Okay, get dressed, go to the office to get another room, move all my gear to the next room and then I basked in the warm water that showered away the sweat and road grime. Ahhh.
Afterwards, I walked to the little restaurant next door looking forward to a cold beer and a hot meal, only to find they don’t sell beer there. Wait a minute! This is Mexico! Oh well, I opted for a cold Coca Cola. I do not drink Coke in the states because the ingredient label has too many chemicals I can`t pronounce. Here in Mexico, they still use pure cane sugar. I keep telling people the food is healthier down here because they do not have the money to add chemicals, preservatives and hormones to their food. Organic living?

The garlic butter fish was delicious and only $6.00! What a deal!

By 8:30pm I could barely keep my eyes open and crawled into bed. The only thing that awoke me was the sound of a couple talking in the next room around 2:30am. Though I can’t understand Spanish fluently, I was able to understand that the talking must have been seductive because words led to moans and “Aye, aye, ayes” which led me to believe that their story had a happy ending. Lol.

So as I sit here typing away, waiting for the guys to catch up, I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and the company of the Frogster who always seems to be meditating. No wonder he`s always smiling. That, or he’s thinking about the sounds of last night.

Thank you for following me! 340 miles so far and about 800 to go! Yeah, I question myself too. lol. Have a Great Weekend!

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