Happy New Year!

As I sit at a wooden table made from a large wire spool, the wind blowing the palm trees near me, the sky cloudy and grey, my hand-washed laundry drying on a rope stretched between two poles and church bells ringing in the distance, I am embracing the new year.

I have been here in Loreto, visiting my friend Will. Just a little over a year ago I was here and met the bike riders that inspired me to do this bike trek. It has definitely been an adventure. I have experienced all weather conditions, pedaled many miles, saw many beautiful things, met many wonderful people, thought many thoughts and discovered what I am capable of.

Tomorrow I’m heading to La Paz, where the weather isn’t much better than here, but it is closer to my final destination – San Jose del Cabo, where I will be catching a flight back to Southern California. If I hadn’t purchased a ticket already, I would probably head back sooner. This cooler weather isn’t what I expected. It’s all good though. It’s part of the journey.

While pedaling the other day, I came to realize that this bike ride is just like life itself. Sometimes we are faced with a mountain we must climb. There is no avoiding this obstacle, this time consuming challenge. After we muster up the strength to take it on, the road becomes steeper, the wind is blowing against us, the heat is making it harder, and the odds against us start to feel overwhelming, that thought of giving up crosses our mind. Right about then we are magically offered a short, strong gust of wind from behind that gives us temporary relief, hope and renewed faith that we can make it to the top. Sometimes that gust of wind/encouragement is a passing motorist who waves, honks, offers a peace sign, a thumbs up or a fist of strength. Sometimes it’s the thought of proving something to ourselves. Sometimes it’s the fire or stubbornness within us, and sometimes it’s someone in our life who believes in us more than we believe in ourselves. Whatever the case may be, if we keep pushing forward we will crest that mountainous challenge. We are stronger than we think. I was told that by a very wise woman one time, but I continued to doubt myself and my capabilities.

Approaching the end of this journey, I’ve discovered that I can let go of past resentments, disappointments and heartbreaks. I can understand that we are all on our own journeys and all I can do is offer love and a helping hand to those who need it and are willing to receive it.

Well, I’d better do my part and flip over my laundry so mother nature can dry everything as she will – in her time, not mine.

Thank you for following me! Below are some photos for your viewing pleasure. Please comment below. Have a Great Day!

11 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Christopher Column-Bus-Bike-Foot-Truck & Plane, Adventurer taking on himself, quite a task,
    I wouldn’t try it, congratulations & God speed, A Mother’s warming embrace, Friends Cheering you on…
    Your Friend, Ray Avalos in Grass Valley California, & yes, It’s cold here too…

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  2. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel…The long and winding road…as your journey nears the end, I thank you taking me along!🚴‍♂️🍷😎

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  3. Happy New Year Chris.
    It was a pleasure meeting you and following you in your journey it’s been a blast and I look foreword of what’s ahead in 2019.
    Cheers 🥂🥳
    Charlie 😁

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  4. The best part of any adventure or struggle is the realization that the hardest part of that scenario was the seemingly impossible obstacle, placed before you, which through Discipline, Determination & Dedication, became a learning block in the journey of your life! Happy New Year Big Bro!!

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  5. Your journey morphed into a lot of other people’s journey as well. You did all the work and others benefited. Then again, being able to pay it forward is also a gift. One of my biggest take aways is that self discovery has no limits. Thanks for sharing your journey through photos and words. ~Mel

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    1. Mel, it’s been my pleasure, but in a way, it’s just begun. I’m in a hostel in La Paz and spent the evening with two Germans and a couple from Switzerland. We discussed wine, food, the great wall of Mexico, Machu Picchu, spices, life, death, health and places we haven’t yet been. Yes, this journey is far from over. Happy New Year!


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