The End is Near

As much as I’ve enjoyed this journey, this exploration of the world around me and the time to search within, I’m looking forward to its conclusion. I’m ready to go back to the day to day living with peace, vigor and excitement. I’m looking forward to doing more real estate. I’m looking forward to spending time forming another business. I’m looking forward to writing more. I’m looking forward to all of the possibilities and opportunities ahead – including the discovery of rare jewels and elusive Unicorns.

This trip was much needed. I had to escape from reality to figure out what was important to me, what was worth fighting for, what I want and don’t want in my life. I needed the time to think it through. I needed to experience having very few material items to depend on, to living as primitive as possible, to discovering that I do like the creature comforts of life. I look forward to traveling as I have in the past – sort of. I will still fly places and sometime drive, but I want to rent and ride bikes if I don’t have mine, and stay in hostels when possible. I want the interaction of travelers and tourists.
I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned that it’s not how you travel, but that you do travel. I’ve learned that every situation and experience is a unique opportunity to learn and grow. I’ve learned that everyone has a story, everyone is on a different journey, and no matter what anyone thinks – it’s their journey, there is nothing wrong with it and it’s right for them in that moment in time.

And so I will go forward, judging less and accepting more. Deaming less, planning more. Buying less, saving more. Keeping less, giving more. Being annoyed less and appreciating more. I’m thinking about everything I need to do to manifest the life I want.

I was just talking with Sky, a lady staying here at the hostel in La Paz. She told me about her chiropractor, a holistic kind of guy. He said that we are all like a GPS when life is not manifesting as we think it should. As long as a GPS stays still, it doesn’t work; it can’t find better routes to where we want to go. But once we start moving, the route options start opening up to us. Sometimes we have to be willing to move forward even when we don’t exactly know where we are going. And when we do, life will show us the way.

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5 thoughts on “The End is Near

  1. Many thanks Chris for sharing your journey with us, both the physical travels and the mental journey. I have found it enlightening, interesting and thoughtful. Much respect Sir and if you ever find yourself in the UK it would be a pleasure to cycle alongside you. Take care

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