Leaving La Paz

Pulling out of the Peace Hostel was like many other places I’ve stayed at along this journey, places that after staying a few days becomes like a home; a home where travelers come and go, a place where you can meet and greet fellow travelers, a place that makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

I wrote about hostels before, and I can’t help but bring up the topic again after discussing them with other travelers. The misconception in the United States is just that – a great misconception. But then again, maybe it’s the perspective of those who walk through the front doors willing to learn, grow and communicate – and those who don’t.
The thoughts from many who haven’t stayed in a hostel is that hostels are similar to homeless shelters, a place where college kids go for cheap accommodations. The opposite perspective is seen from those who have stayed in hostels. From my experience, hostels are full of travelers, not tourists. Travelers who realize that a clean bed and a warm shower is all they really need, travelers who want their money to go further, so their adventures can last longer.

If education or intelligence of those who frequent hostels is questioned, let me mention Skye who is a retired City Planner who lived in Arizona, then Hawaii and now lives in a quaint colonial town in central Mexico, who now considers herself an Artist. Skye had an art gallery and displays her work in various countries as well as organizes artist retreats in exotic locations.
I should also mention Marco from Switzerland who has been a banking IT analyst until he and his wife Sibylle decided to quit their jobs and explore the world for two years. Right now, they are only half way done with their adventure and have traveled throughout South America, Central America and Mexico. In a couple of weeks they will be flying to Australia and New Zealand to explore that part of the world for a while before completing their journey by exploring Asia.

A couple of nights ago, I looked around the common area and watched travelers playing chess, word games, blogging, journaling, making jewelry from ocean treasures and speaking in multiple languages. I felt fortunate to be there, sharing our adventures.

Yesterday I shared a ride with Skye and Emma from Germany to go visit La Ventana, a town known for its afternoon winds ideal for kite surfing and kite boarding. I’ve never seen so many athletes on the water at one time! Poetry in motion! While there, I gathered little pieces of coral I found all along the beach for Amanda, an entrepreneur who is forming a sky diving company down here. She is the one who was making the jewelry. In gratitude, she made a coral pendant especially for me! In turn, I gave her my buffalo bone hook pendant that I bought in Alaska at the beginning of this adventure.

Last night, I took some time to talk with Alex from the Yukon Territory of Canada. Alex is 21 and has biked from there to La Paz. From here he will be sailing to French Polynesia with some friends. This has been his first long bike ride as well. I’m impressed with his young age and adventurous soul.

This has been my first time visiting La Paz. It’s a fun town with much to do. Along the Malecon (boardwalk area along the beach) there are many impressive sea sculptures I had to photograph…

Today, I am heading to Los Barriles, a little beach town on the way to Cabo. Hopefully there are some snorkeling spots to explore. Otherwise I’ll be forced to work on my tan and eat shrimp tacos for a couple of days. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Leaving La Paz

  1. Oh, poor fellow, having to sit in the sun eating shrimp tacos. I’m so sorry for you. I’m so happy you share your adventures with we not-so-fortunate untravelers. Love the sculptures. Get me a recipe for shrimp tacos and continue enjoying your adventure.

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  2. Wow…great photos and commentary on Peace Hostel, La Ventana and Los Barriles. I’m honored that I made it into your blog … as an example of an intelligent traveler…lol…I’ll try to not let my “15 minutes of fame” go to my head!

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