People keep asking what is next for me; what grand adventure is up my sleeve; what challenge(s) am I going to take on? I’ve thought about it quite a bit, and decided to take on the challenge of real life. Not that this isn’t real life, but the adventurer, the wanderer in me sometimes longs for the creature-of-habit patterns of the day to day grind.

For those patterns, those putting-in-the-time behavioral efforts are what get things done in this world. I definitely understand that and find comfort in behavioral patterns, but when I began this journey, my longtime roles of provider and protector were no longer needed as my kids are off on their own, living wonderful, productive lives – as they were raised to. I couldn’t be prouder of them, but I definitely felt a bit lost without them aound.

As I’ve wandered and explored, making connections with other adventurers and travelers, as well as artists, musicians, health care workers, innkeepers, vendors, chefs, fishermen, housekeepers, attorneys, craftsmen, jewelry makers, and even Unicorns – I’ve discovered that we are all the same, we are all looking for the same thing – our place in this world, the place we fit in; peace, love, happiness and a good wine to toast with when we find that place within our heart that tells us we’re home.

And so I will return in a couple of days to all of the gathered treasures I’ve accumulated through my life that are neatly packed and stored in storage, organized and labeled, inventoried and recorded in a wide ruled composition notebook.

And with these treasures I will begin a new phase of my life. I will determine what I no longer need. Well… after carrying everything I NEED with me on my bike, I should say, “no longer want.” I will determine which items are merely a reminder of a life that no longer exists and which items will help propel me toward the future I will be creating. It’s an exciting thought to start fresh, to begin anew.

As I will begin anew, I will be helping others begin anew. For those of you who may think I’m merely a story telling bike rider, I am a Real Estate Broker by trade. I will be helping sellers sell – to move on to the next phases of their lives, and I will help buyers find their perfect home that doesn’t exist – but will exist when we find a home that meets their needs and will become the perfect home when they add their own loving touches to it.

So if you know anyone interested in buying or selling real real estate, I’d be honored to help them. I am licensed to do real estate throughout California and if you are outside of California, I can help you find a good agent in the state/area needed. Again, I’d be honored to help.

As far as my bike, tomorrow, after covering the last 55 miles of this adventure and reaching the bike shop in Cabo where I know I can find an empty bike box, I’m considering another option… selling my bike to them. Who knows, maybe they know someone who is ready for their own bike touring adventure. This bike has been good to me. Not even one flat tire through Baja! But I know that I like my Scott mountain bike more. I like my feather light road bikes more. I like my fat tire bikes more. And I know this bike has given me memories that can’t be replaced… but my Tibetan Prayer Flag pole goes with me!

Thank you for following me on this journey. This journey of exploration – out, about and within. šŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Next?

  1. we are both very glad that its time for you to come home. now we can stop worrying about your well being. text or email me when you arrive. we really enjoyed reading your blog. it was very interesting. hope to see you soon,. Kathy and Mar

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