As I progress through life, it seems like the years are clicking by faster and faster while time is becoming more precious. The reality is, we only have today and not everyone will see tomorrow. That may be a morbid thought to some, but it’s a brutal truth we can’t deny. With that thought in mind, I am choosing to do something you may think is a little crazy… but I don’t think so. I think it’s an opportunity to see things most people never will.

This adventure began a few months ago when I escaped to Baja between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hit the road in my truck to meet up with my friend Will who was down in Loreto. After two days of driving through the Baja desert, I finally reached the gulf side of the peninsula where the weather was perfect and the water was warm. I spent a few days with Will exploring Loreto and then headed north to Mulage for some beach time. This is where I had the opportunity to meet a group of cyclists who unknowingly affected my future.

These cyclists are from all over the world and met each other on the road as they were all traveling the Pan-American bike route from Anchorage, Alaska to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Their ages ranged from 23-64 and I had the pleasure of sitting by the fire with them, hearing laughter and multiple languages being spoken under a starlit sky with warm air gently blowing. They had come from all over… Noe from France, Mark from the U.K., Marti from Norway, Ed from Scotland, James from Canada and Lee from the state of Washington. It was a wonderful evening. I praised them for their remarkable feat of doing something most people would never consider… riding their bikes over 5000 miles and enjoying details along road that those in cars will never see.

I forgot to mention the Anchorage to Cabo ride is the short ride. The full Pan-American ride is from Anchorage to Patagonia – the bottom of South America. That is the ride James Hache is on. He is the eldest of the group at 64 years old. I guess I knew that night, that I would have to join the club and challenge myself as well – while I still can. It may be a misprint, but somehow or another, my birth certificate indicates that I’m supposed to be 55 – but in my mind, I’m still young and dumb and dammit, I’m going to do this!

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I plan on hitting the road in late July or early August, 2018 and I want this blog to be informative and entertaining so I’ll be sharing what I learn, the equipment I choose and the joys of the journey… as well as the challenges. You can see the latest posts here: The Journey and you can leave comments at the bottom of each page. Thank you for riding along with me!

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