Sashimi anyone?

What would a trip through Alaska and Canada be like without fishing gear? I couldn’t imagine, so I gathered some of my fishing gear that would be appropriate for my coming adventure. As I pack, one of the most important concerns I have is size and weight -considering I do not want to be pulling unnecessary weight on the trailer as I pedal up steep hills and mountains.

In Alaska, salmon season runs from May through October offering silvers, pinks, reds and king salmon. Salmon up to 98 lbs. have been caught up there! 98 lbs. is a lot more fish than I can eat in one day, so I’ll be fishing for smaller salmon and trout. To do that, lightweight gear will be sufficient. I’ll be taking 3 rods with me (unless I can think of a good reason to take more), all of them sectional poles that break down to 1′ sections. Two of the poles will be spinners and the 3rd will be a fly rod with all the fixings.

The reason for taking two spinner rods is that one is only 5′ when assembled and the other is 6′. I’ve always enjoyed small lightweight rods for small creeks so I think this combination of rods will help me be prepared for the waterways I encounter. In reference to size, the bag carrying the spinner rods is 16″ long and the fly rod set is 15″x7″.

I’m looking forward to catching and cooking fresh fish on the grill alongside beautiful Alaskan and Canadian rivers. The pictures below are from past fishing trips with the 2nd and 3rd photos from an Alaskan fishing trip on the Kenai River. If you’ve never been there, add it to your bucket list. The salmon are so plentiful that you would think you are looking into a koi pond. As far as the black bear, he was safely on the other side of the river. I guess I should look into a large can of bear spray and make a decision between a Rambo survival knife or a 14″ Bowie knife. I guess I could wear a bandana underneath a coon skin cap!

Thank you for following me and sharing this adventure with me! Looking at the calendar, I have about 3 1/2 months to go. I really should start riding my bike more! lol

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